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Below we present the available drying technology using infrared panels in nanotechnology.

Products with a delicate structure.

Belt dryer

A modern, compact belt dryer allows you to dry various products, including various types of herbs, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, sawdust, etc.

Products with a delicate structure.

Wood dryer

Universal drying complex with infrared resistance panels
designed for drying various types of sawn timber


What do customers ask most often?

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Infrared is completely safe and has accompanied us since birth. Every living creature and slit emits infrared waves.

Incubators for premature babies are a good example.

Drying in our technology is natural for each product, the maximum temperature is 55*C.

Due to the low drying temperature (natural drying), the dried materials are of constant quality, no damage compared to generally available drying technology.

Drying in nanotechnology is much faster than compared to standard technology. With some materials, the time is even shorter.

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